We deliver your cargo safely, quickly and responsibly!

At the transport company Emmanouil Micheloudakis, in Heraklion, Crete, we specialize in freight transport throughout Greece.

We have many years of experience which allows us to handle transport throughout Crete and all of Greece with speed, safety, prompt service, reliability and always at the best prices!

We provide fast and economical high level services and we are consistently our customers’ first choice when it comes to transporting their goods.

Place your trust in our experience and our specialized staff and use us to transport and deliver goods in Heraklion, Crete and anywhere in Greece!

We transport everything with our privately owned trucks, and deliver your cargo safely, within the delivery time limits. We can meet all your transport needs successfully, responsibly and with impeccable professionalism!

Thank you for placing your trust in the company Emmanouil Micheloudakis.

"Save time and money"

Micheloudakis transport company transports and delivers:

Container transport
Earth etc from works using dump trucks
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