We lift loads, completely safely, to or from hights!

At the Emmanouil Micheloudakis transport company in Heraklion, we also provide complete solutions for lifting using modern and flexible lifting machines.

We have been specialising in lifting household appliances, professional equipment and goods for many years which means we can provide solutions immediately and, of course, safely!

We have specialized and experienced staff and we use special lifting machinery to transfer heavy or bulky objects to and from ground level or to and from inaccessible locations. And of course, we always put safety first and ensure nothing is damaged!

Contact us, explain your problem and we will find the right solution for you, responsibly.

Do you want to transfer heavy loads
to or from hights or the upper floors of apartment buildings ?

We will take care of it, immediately and effectively!

“If you can’t reach it… We can”

We ensure our customers receive the best possible service!

Removals services with lifting machines.
We have modern lifting machinery which is flexible for use in transport & removals.
We transfer your household items and other goods safely to and from ground-level.
We transport & lift your household goods or commercial goods and ensure they are not damaged.
We transport heavy and/or bulky objects using lifting machinery and we can carry out specialized, difficult transport.
We can provide removal services wherever you are, and whatever floor of an apartment building your flat is on. We have the appropriate equipment & modern lifting machinery.
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