High quality storage services

At Emmanouil Micheloudakis, in Heraklion, Crete, we provide complete and reliable solutions for household goods storage and storage for business equipment. We always adhere strictly to pre-agreed times for receiving items, and we will store then safely for as long as you need!

We have modern and safe storage facilities which are situated in specially designed areas. Your household items and equipment are carefully recorded and put into categories by our experienced specialized staff. Your items are then stored with great care and absolute safety in our perfectly organized storage areas.

Place your trust in us, whether you are looking for temporary or long-term storage for your items. We will meet all your storage needs for home contents or professional equipment, and we provide high quality services with consistency, responsibility and excellent customer service.

“Put your things in storage and… enjoy peace of mind”

The Micheloudakis transport company provides:

Storage for household items.
Storage for business equipment.
A complete record of all goods in storage. που αποθηκεύονται
Storage in modern facilities, situated in specially designed areas.
Recording & Packing for all household and other items by categories.
Safe storage & impeccable organization.
Long-term storage for your items in specially designed areas.
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